About postTrump.help

My name is Magda Pecsenye and I write postTrump.help. It was originally supposed to be a daily exercise to recover from the trauma of the Trump campaign, because he and his campaign seriously hurt people. But that was when we thought Trump would get shellacked in the election and disappear. Now this site has to be about how to live under Trump, and how to keep going knowing that half the country wishes harm on us.

I never wanted it to be this. I’m so, so sorry. You deserve better than this.

When I’m not doing this I teach managers how to manage so their teams love doing great work for them, and I consult with companies on branding and messaging. I also solve any process-related problem in around 24 hours for $250 (I know, weird, but it works–read my testimonials at flashcons.com). I also write AskMoxie.org, which used to be a blog about how to be a parent and is now a blog about how parenting and management are more than we think they are.

I have two kids and a sweet little cat and we live in the urban Midwest of the USA.

You can contact me at askmoxie at gmail dot com or Twitter handle askmoxie for questions or comments.