Post-March limbo

Saturday was wonderful. I marched, and most of my friends marched in one way or another. My mom and aunt knitted pussy hats for themselves and for my 101-year-old grandmother. It was affirming to see so many people opposed to our new garbage president.

But there’s a lot of backlash happening today, and a lot of propaganda about the inauguration and PGOTUS’ first acts and about the propaganda about all of this, and so many jokes that it’s impossible to keep up. (I got trapped in all the #alternativefacts jokes and now have no idea who’s actually in the SuperBowl, honestly.) And our Reps and Seantors aren’t answering their phones anymore and we don’t know who’s supporting what and it’s all getting a little overwhelming.

Here’s a plan to focus and stay calm and energized:

1. Do an After Action Review of whatever marching activities you did over the weekend. What happened that was good and what could have been done better. Be sure you’re seeking out the voices of all the people in your community who need to be represented in the process. Write down the things you want to keep doing and the things you need to improve on, so you have them right there in front of you for the next four years and can keep doing more of the good things and solving the problems.

2. Keep doing the actions you’re being told to do by whatever action email you signed up for. Consider sending them a little cash, too, since most of these are run by regular people who are doing this around their jobs and other lives.

3. Follow your normal routines. Even if you could fight for 16 hours a day at a certain point you wouldn’t be useful anymore. This is a loooong fight. How much can you do in one day and still keep yourself together and your relationships intact? Half an hour? An hour? Call, write, organize, and keep your eyes open for projects that need what you have, but the rest of the time just keep going.

4. Self-soothe with music, art, and fiction. Listen to music you love. Look at beautiful things. Read and watch stories that entertain you. This is never time wasted. (Watching 37 minutes of Days Of Our lives on my phone every day is helping keep me sane.)

Keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing. PresBro is trying to dismantle systems, so keep your own system running in as boring and healthy a manner possible.

If you’re getting a little freaked out because your big cause hasn’t found you yet, fear not. It’s going to find you soon. Keep calling and doing mimimum daily actions and you’ll be ready when your thing finds you.

Author: Magda

I teach managers how to love their teams and have their teams love working for them. I also write the parenting and management site