Thanksgiving thoughts

This hit me hard this morning:

“White Mountain” by Vievee Francis

There’s a wind here so strong it shakes this stone house.
A howl from pain and cold, a particular anguish–
not a foot in a trap, but a foot in a trap and the snow
getting deeper. I look out under the leafless beech,
which I’d take for dead if I didn’t believe in spring’s coming.
I walk around the property thinking I might happen upon
the source of the sound. How could that cry be wind alone?
Something has snapped in two. Something has been lost
that won’t return in this life. I want to find the source.
I’m stumbling in a thin coat that flaps at my sides. It seems
as if I might ride the beast that haunts me if I could just let go.
Let it take me up easily as this gale is lifting me now.

From her stunning book Forest Primeval.

This day is incredibly difficult for so many of us, and this year there’s an added layer of heartbreak and reckoning. Your priorities are: being kind to yourself, protecting the children in your life, and getting through the day with as much energy and balance as you can manage. You don’t have to be good.

I hope that everyone will remember the water protectors today, and everything they’re doing for all of us. Please send them something, if you can, either from their wish list or a direct donation to one of the groups on this list.

We can all do this together.

All my love,


Author: Magda

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