Love and anger, in four points

1. Love and anger go together like peanut butter and chocolate to get you moving toward justice in a productive way. The Trumpists voted out of hate and fear, and they’re acting out of hate and fear right now, physically, and in their denials of responsibility. Let your hate work its way out of you (more coffee might help) and shake off your fear, to get to love and anger.

2. Resist.

How Do You Talk To Your Kids?
by Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed)

Spit out the scorpions
Spit out the cyanide
Fill your mouth with thorny flowers

Sit and hold their hands
Sit staring at their superhero posters
Explain that villains win sometimes

Tell them no one can tear apart their family

Even if it’s a lie

Tell them no one can take away their home

Even if it’s a lie

Tell them you will keep them safe
Even if you can’t

Teach your daughter to throw a punch if she has to
Teach your son to cry if he has to

Give them knives
Give them the sturdiest wax you can find

Teach them to make candles

4. Here is church, from Rev. Dr. William T. Barber, from the keynote address at the Economics of Race conference in Detroit this weekend. He breaks down what Christians are told to do in the Bible about economic policy. He starts at 20:45.

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