First we cry

OK, loveys, here we go.

Last night I talked about how to talk about this election result to your kids here, if you have kids you have to talk to about this.

We’re not going to take this lying down, but give yourself today to feel bad. If you’re a crier, cry. If you’re not a crier, go do some kind of hard physical activity to try to work the hurt and feelings out of your body. (I developed a theory that some people release tension by crying but others only increase tension by crying. If you release tension by crying, then cry. If that doesn’t work for you, sometimes you have to get it out other ways. I wrote this about tension increaser children.)

Here’s the rest of your to do list for today:

  1. Don’t leave or make plans to leave. This is your country, whether you’ve been here for 20 minutes or your ancestors have been here for hundreds of years. Plus, if the decent people leave, then there is no hope ever to get the US back on track to be a productive nation, and everyone who’s left really has no protection.
  2. Stop drinking. You need to have all your wits about you and be present, even if it hurts. If you can just stop, then just stop. If you need help, reach out and let someone know it’s out of hand and you need help stopping.
  3. But drink a ton of water. Sleep as much as you can. Eat vegetables. Go out and walk for 30 minutes if you can.
  4. Are there kids in your life in any capacity? Stay close to them and give them lots of hugs (if that’s appropriate) and lots of positive feedback. They can still do anything and be great. That hasn’t changed.
  5. If you are lucky enough to have financial investments, do not check your balances today. There is nothing you can do about it, and pulling out in a panic won’t help, so just move on.
  6. If you have anything to give, send $10 to Southern Poverty Law Center, $10 to the #NoDAPL protectors at Sacred Stone Camp, and $10 to Black Lives Matter.
  7. Give and receive as many hugs as you can today, from people and pets. Touch is serious healing, and you need healing. Hugs for days, real hugs, long tight hugs.

Tomorrow we start with next steps for action, examining systems and how this happened, and real trauma healing techniques.

You need to be strong for this. Take yourself seriously and treat yourself kindly.

All my love,


Author: Magda

I teach managers how to love their teams and have their teams love working for them. I also write the parenting and management site